Thursday, April 10, 2014

Superstition Mountain Hikes, Plus a Happy Ending

A few weeks ago, we were on a search for poppies. We did a short hike from the east end of the Lost Gold Mine trail in the Superstition Wilderness. The trailhead is located a half mile before the end of Peralta road.

The jagged tips of the Superstition Mountains make for a nice backdrop.

Wow! Success! There it is - the one poppy on the entire trail! And I didn't even get a good picture. I guess this wasn't a good year for poppies.

This guy was out looking too. We also saw a gila monster, but he was too fast for me to get any pictures.

More wildlife! I'll bet you've never seen a cat who hiked.

Another trail we did was the Hieroglyphics Trail, which takes off from the middle of the Lost Gold Mine trail at the end of Cloudview Rd. It's a short, but rocky, hike.

All the different cactus are starting to bloom.

There are lots of petroglyphs on rock panels above the only water source in the area.

I can just imagine mothers coming to get water -

And sending their kids over to peck a picture to keep them out of their hair.

The trail goes on to the top of the hill for anyone crazy enough to want to go over the rocks.

And now for the happy ending! Remember poor Mr. Gambel's Quail looking for a mate? Well he found a sweetie, and they are busily gathering nesting material!